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The Rev. Dr. G. Shane Hibbs

_MG_48Long Island Community Fellowship was founded by the late Reverend Dr. G. Shane Hibbs (1974-2010).

Dr. Hibbs grew up in a small Midwestern town in Ohio with one of his earliest childhood memories being the knowledge that he would someday be a Pastor like his father and grandfather. He professed faith in Christ when he was only four years old and reaffirmed that commitment at the age of ten. In 1987, Dr. Hibbs started preaching for youth services in local churches and shortly after began traveling around the Midwest as a guest speaker. Dr. Hibbs went on to be the featured speaker at revivals, special meetings, and other church events throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan.

In 1992, Dr. Hibbs was ordained by the Christian Baptist Church. However, he went on to serve Methodist congregations over the next few years. He gained experience in cross-cultural ministry by his appointment to an African-American congregations and was placed in rural areas with small congregations where the ministry was found to be of great importance for the community life.

In 1997, Dr. Hibbs faced a major turning point in his ministry and personal life. Controversy surrounded his decision to allow a gay man to attend worship services. Ultimately, he was given the option to either openly condemn homosexuality or give resignation. Dr. Hibbs replied that, “It is the job of God to judge, Christ to redeem, and the Spirit to condemn. My only job is to love.”

Dr. Hibbs attended a Bible College where he studied Religion and Psychology. While in his studies, Dr Hibbs met John Maxwell, Religious Motivational Speaker, who influenced his direction and perception of ministry: the principles of Leadership and Personal Development are the key elements needed to create a successful ministry.

Dr. Hibbs attended seminary at Methodist Theological School in Ohio where he specialized in Counseling Ministries. Dr. Hibbs earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology specializing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He has conducted research on the constructs of homosexuality and the clergy.

Dr. Hibbs moved to the New York area in December of 2000. He worked as a mental health practitioner in private practice receiving referrals from churches and religious organizations. Consistent with his reputation for being an aggressive leader, Dr. Hibbs went on to be one of the first ten persons licensed under the New York State law for Mental Health Professionals.

In June of 2001, Dr. Hibbs was approached by representatives of a major denomination expressing their interest to have a congregation on Long Island. After much thought and prayer, Dr. Hibbs realized the need for spiritual guidance among the GLBT community on Long Island and agreed to start the church plant.

Dr. Hibbs brought over two decades of experience in the ministry as he lead Long Island Community Fellowship. He provided vision, hope, and guidance to many who now have a spiritual home at Long Island Community Fellowship.

This has stirred many to a fresh new spiritual awakening.

Dr. Hibbs empowered and encouraged people through educational forums. Dr. Hibbs is author of The Relationship Challenge and Journey of the Sacred Leader. Dr. Hibbs was a sought after speaker and civil rights leader. Dr. Hibbs received hundreds of request each year for personal appearances. A target of hate crimes and a leader of social justice, Dr. Hibbs shared his values of lifting people up and creating leaders among societies today. Dr. Hibbs worked consistently to build bridges with evangelical communities and created a foundation of spirituality for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and allied communities.

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