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Our Journey

From humble beginnings, Long Island Community Fellowship (LICF) continues its growth as a pivotal force in the Long Island Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender and Allied community.

Sunday evening, February 24, 2002 saw a few people gather together with great uncertainty, as the first service was held in a small conference room in Hicksville, NY. Accompanied by a CD player, this group timidly sang praise to the Lord in the company of other LGBT people. For the first time, they heard the message of Jesus’ love for all, regardless of their sexual orientation. To some, it was a confirmation of what they already knew and to others it was the first time they felt truly accepted into Christ’s community of believers.

This journey of faith has continued to grow and blossom, both in the growing faith of longer term members as well as the attraction of new attendees, both homosexual and heterosexual. Our place of worship has also changed and grown – from our hopeful but humble beginnings in a small conference room, to our permanent home in Babylon, where we now have our Church offices, meeting rooms, and a beautiful Sanctuary, built by the hard work of our members. LICF continues to grow and expand in its mission to spread the message of Jesus’ love to ALL.

While “preaching and teaching” are important to LICF, living our message in every facet of our individual and organizational lives is fundamental to our existence. This is partially accomplished through both community building and social outreach. As an established LGBT organization, we continue to reach out to this community, providing assistance and support to other LGBT organizations throughout Long Island.



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