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ME or WE?

Aug 8
Every day each of us is presented a choice of “ME or WE” when we say our prayers; make decisions; establish priorities; or live our lives either as insulated and isolated individuals or as persons connected interdependently with others. In any case, emptiness, derived from of a sense of isolation, frequently becomes a prerequisite for desperation. Desperation in turn happens once a recognized need presents itself. This was precisely the condition that led to the Stonewall Riots/Rebellion on June 28, 1969. What followed the uprising was a movement of a “ME becoming WE” that ultimately empowered a marginalized and discriminated people to add input to changing the world to become a better place.
Our respective responses to the “ME or WE” choice determines the quality of our relationships and impacts the extent to which we live with or without conflict in the world. Unfortunately, however, we are often blind to and unaware that a choice even exists between “ME or WE” as we manage the circumstances of our life – our marriages, relationships, families – and the world. Blindness to this choice is one of the reasons for prejudice and discrimination in our world as well as the hardened moral positions we often take against one another. Further, this blindness tends to make us focus on what happens around us rather than what is happening within us.
Be aware, however, “ME or WE” doesn’t just apply to individuals. In other words, since “ME and WE” is wherever we are, “ME or WE” is not only a choice for us to make but also a choice to be made by our groups, businesses, churches, religions, political parties, corporations, and nations. For in the end, we all inhabit this world together! Still more, even our own bellybuttons are a constant reminder that we all started life connected to another human being, created as a relational people always reaching out to hold onto someone. And just maybe, this is the reason we spend our entire life trying to reconnect to someone.
WE NEED EACH OTHER! No one is meant to try to go through life alone. But, our need for one another is not limited to marriage which is conceivably why solitary confinement is one of the worst forms of human punishment. Us thinking “WE” and not “ME” should make us more like Jesus. His motivation in life, was not about what He could get for himself, but what he could give to others.Therefore, let us:
Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. … Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle. (Romans 12:9,10 MSG)
Yours in Love… Reverend Gale Jones, Executive Pastor

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