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Raising the Lazarus of Ourselves

Raising the Lazarus of Ourselves

Mar 31

Greetings Beloved Easter People,

According to our calendar, spring 2015 has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere which means despite temperatures indicative of mid-winter and even still daily threats of snow we are in the season of Easter Assurance when we celebrate the Godly restarts in us each spring. But who of us is really prepared to be truly immersed in customary ritual while listening to illogical weather forecasts or failing to see any hint at warmth.

For encouragement however, look no further than the green shoots pushing up through brown ground or spring birds migrating in spite of climate risks. This says, “Look at us!” And if the birds and the trees can do it, then “we can too” – i.e., ignore the effect of the weather on our spirits and get into the newness of the season and the assurance of Easter and the guarantee of Resurrection.

Considering this unusual spring, it is all but impossible to remember that to get to Easter Sunday we have to visit Good Friday. Good Friday brings a notion of death – it may be the physical death of the human form of Jesus, or it may be the spiritual death in a spiritual dilemma – either way it all leads to a transformation. After all, the essence of Easter and the Resurrection represents death’s transforming power of birth out of the death of the old.

It is the rebirth of new hope and new life and new visions. Instead of staying bound to spirit depleting thoughts, habits, and relationships with people who keep us in unhealthy things or situations or people who make us feel bad about ourselves, we should be working with God’s help to raise the Lazarus within ourselves which is the resurrecting work.

The work of raising the Lazarus of ourselves is about ending unhealthy relationships or moving away from spirit depleting habits, thoughts and situations and not looking back. Resurrecting work is enhanced as we humbly receive God’s help. The key to receiving is seen through others where God plants us as, in therapy, in study or in fellowship just to name a few. All of this of course starts in prayer. Life resurrection is after all a matter of growing up in God and putting the power of Easter into our lives by living in the way that the Christ calls us to live.

Fittingly then, we come to understand that Easter and the Resurrection isn’t only about what happens after we die.  It is also about what happens when we feel like our life is over…i.e. when we have been fired… incarcerated… diagnosed… abandoned … depressed and despairing… experiencing conflict in relationships… or just plain unhappy and feeling empty causing us to perhaps question “Why isn’t God breathing fresh air into our lives today?”
More specifically, Easter Assurance means knowing in the midst of hopelessness, God’s spirit breathes new life into us when we become open to change. Even more, as the story begins in death, Easter and the glory of Resurrection will always come. Therefore as we part, consider these words:


“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and

heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

(Genesis 8:22)


Yours in love….Reverend Gale Jones, Pastor

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