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“Rise Up!”

Mar 1
Greetings Beloved People!
March is here and for me this is typically great news. The joy of it all essentially means that spring is on the way ushering in longer days and more sunlight. But, given the atmosphere of the present social climate in America of intolerance and hate, confusion, and violence in the country, the threat of spirit depleting thoughts is palpable and weighty. Despite this, however, it also the Lenten season, a time of preparation for the Easter celebration. Easter means Resurrection, and is the foundation of Hope, the keynote of the Believer’s life and is never about despair. Believer’s hope is not passive, it is active. It has feet. And because Resurrection demands it, we “rise up”.
Hopelessness is a Tomb…and any person without hope is a person locked in a tomb. We are nonetheless, Believers and Believers wait, not for death, but for life. The first step in “rising up” of course starts in prayer. After all, resurrection is a matter of growing up in God and putting the power of Easter into our lives by living in the way that the Christ calls us to live. Because just when we think we have reached the end of our rope, God raises up allies and additional resources from unexpected places.
Therefore, as we ready ourselves to “rise up”, our prayer this day is that…
In the bleakness known to some of us in this generation, we ask God to open our eyes to see that we are filled to overflowing with the goodness and promise of God. So, we seek God ‘s to help us take on the mantle of courage for us to take on the mantle of justice making in this moment and time, for this is truly revolutionary hope. And in times of setbacks, help us to “Renew the Vision” of what is possible if we put our creativity to full use. In times of discouragement or depression, we look to The Hope necessary to go forward. And in times of inner unbalance, through God we are restored with ENOUGH POWER to be victorious over any uncertainty or inner shaking…Amen
Yours in love…. Reverend Gale Jones, Executive Pastor
“For in this hope we were saved…” (Romans 8:24)

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