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S.O.S. (Strengthening Our Spirit)

S.O.S. (Strengthening Our Spirit)

May 1
Greetings Beloved Easter People,
The 2016 Easter Season (i.e. the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday) is coming to a close and the question begs, “Did we answer the call”? The Easter season is after all not unlike any other season which is a time frame allotted for something to happen in our lives. In the case of the Easter Season, we are called to a changed life, a life of living as some would say, as “Easter People” who are those who share their hope outwardly and lift up those around them who need it. Butgiven that we all experience the pressures of life, occasionally we must check to make certain that were are not transmitting a S.O.S. (Strengthening Our Spirit) signal.
In common parlance SOS is a standard signal for international Morse Codemaritime distress except all the popular interpretations of “SOS” are just not valid. This signal was adopted simply on account of its simplicity and its unmistakable character which cannot be misinterpreted. In practice the “SOS” calls for all stations hearing the distress signal to immediately cease handling traffic until the emergency is over and are likewise bound to answer the distress signal. Additionally, the practice calls for specified quiet times to simply sit and listen for distress signals that might be ever so faint. Similarly, our everyday spirituality also requires a deliberate kind of attention.
So with our spiritual lives we need to keep examining ourselves regularly and the examination should probe our inner lives. Our spirit is the place from which everything is possible. “Strengthening Our Spirit” is imperative if we want to stay strong and capable of facing the daily challenges in our lives. “Strengthening Our Spirit” assures us of the stamina necessary to battle the scourges of humanity – sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism and transphobia. Without strong spirits we are unable to be the hands and feet of God on earth. Weakened spirits limit our ability to love as we are commanded. Even more, we cannot honor and relish the Divine within to resonate, ignite and sustain on the outside the hope essential to lift up those around us who need it.
Pentecost which marks the end of the Easter Season is an excellent time to ask God to fill us afresh with the Spirit so that we might join in the ministry of God’s Love with gusto. And it is also a time to renew our commitment to fulfilling our crucial role in the God’s plan for us in the world. Our prayer then should be that the Holy Spirit comes mightily upon us this season so that we are given power to do God’s work in this world to bring healing, peace, and reconciliation wherever we go beginning with ourselves. We will be empowered to do God’s work regardless of our gender, age, or social position.
Let the Holy Spirit continue to work in us, to change us, to fan into flame the fire that is in each one of us.
Yours in love….Reverend Gale Jones, Executive Pastor

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