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“My church Long Island Community Fellowship has played a very important role in my life for the past 10 years. Church has been important part of my spiritual life. It has kept me connected to my God and to my fellow parishioners. I have brought my family members into the church and they have all been accepted and loved. I think that Long Island Community Fellowship Church is a very important part of the overall Community of West Babylon here on Long Island and the surrounding towns and  I realize when I leave this community I will never find a compatible Church as good and faithful as Long Island Community Fellowship of West Babylon New York.”
-Jackie Hewlett

~Jackie Hewlett


I came to LICF in April of last year. I can’t express how much love the church gives me. LICF is more than a church, we are a family. I love my church so much!

~Erica Mckenzie


What does LICF mean to me? Family, love, friendships and trust. I’d been searching for a church where I could be myself and be accepted for who I am. I found that here at LICF. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. After hearing Pastor Shane I knew this would be my place to call home, to worship God. The friendships I’ve made will stay with me forever. My spiritual growth with the Lord helps me be a better person with the choices I make in life. I’m thankful everyday that I came to LICF. I look forward to every Sunday service and events that we share as a family.

~Kathy Weller


“We were both brought up being raised Catholic. After many years of failed attempts to find a Christian (house of worship) we finally came across LICF. Finding a spiritual Church that welcomes all God’s children, has given us the blessing to reclaim our faith…*(Happily Married, 25yrs)* –

~Glenn and Pete Daly


In 2007, we bought our first home in Long Island and we were searching for a church we could call our own. After visiting a few church communities, we stumbled upon LICF. The members were so welcoming – with open arms and smiles on their faces; Pastor Shane filled the room with God’s Word of love and acceptance (regardless of who we are), and the music played was uplifting and joyous! We knew that was home.

The LICF community has become our extended family throughout the years. Although our busy lives and travel schedule, sometimes keep us away, we know we can always walk in the door and feel at home. LICF is a growing community striving to reach all those looking to regain their faith – it is a place you can be yourself and know that we are all loved by God. Thank you LICF!

~Jessy and Caroline


LICF is my safe haven, I feel so very welcome. I can close my eyes and pray to God and I can feel his presence. I count the days when I can go to church. I have never felt more happier than I am since I walked into LICF church. I have a family that is there for me 24/7. They are my walking Angels and when church is over I feel like a new person.

~Sandy “The Mayor” Faison


My life has been enlightened with the blessing of a new found family in  the LICF family.Being a member of LICF has helped me regain my faith in  life, people and most importantly in GOD.

~Melissa Brown


I was first introduced to LICF through their Sports Ministry. After being away from Long Island for several years, and not knowing where to meet other LGBT people, I started asking around about where could I find a softball team. That was when I learned about the LICF Angels. I made a phone call and was quickly invited to play on their team. I heard some of the players speaking of LICF and was invited to worship and fellowship with them.

I went to my first sunday service about 3 years ago, and have been attending services regularly since. When I walked into the sanctuary I felt what they meant by “family”. What a welcoming environment, I have never felt like I was home in a religious setting before. I have since become a member and found that my life Is changing and I am now on one of the best journey of my life. My faith walk.


~Ramona Atiles


I came to licf about 3 years ago because a friend was becoming a member and wanted to support her. I was done with church and religion years before and so was only coming for that day. When I arrived I was greeted like I was a friend who had been away on vacation! Never have I felt so welcomed as I am at licf. Family, peace, love and joy live here. The foundation is built on God’s love for us all. I can’t imagine a better church to be a part of.


~Vicky-ReneVian Kakes


“LICF is a place I can go to give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all he’s done for me throughout my life. At Long Island Community Fellowship ( in the presence of the Holy Spirit) I can join together with like minded people to worship and praise God in the beauty of Holiness”.

~George Settles

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