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“Long Island Community Fellowship is home for me. Everyone is welcome, and I feel the presence of God. We are community; we are family. Our slogan Faith is a journey not a guilt trip, says it all!”

~Christine Bargellini


“Our incredible GLBT/Allied family, yes we’re just that amazing! 🙂 You should come to our church, get up lifted each week as we do, feel the amazingly powerful spirit and love that fills our sanctuary!”

~Erika Myers


“A little over five years ago I found myself looking for someone or something to help me through a very bad time in my life. That something turned out to be LICF, Long Island Community Fellowship church. From the very moment I walked through the church door, the members of LICF became my second family. More importantly, I became reunited with God. He was the someone I was really looking for, He is my hero. LICF is an LGBT church, open and welcoming to everyone.”

~Barbara Salva


“I’ve been attending LICF for a few years now. So it was interesting that one Sunday while listening to the choir sing a medley, for the first time, I could feel the Christ within. LICF is an answer to a prayer. A prayer that my faith may grow”.

~Sandra Mathis


“LICF is an uplifting place that has been life changing for me. I did not have a Christian life before LICF but now I know that God loves me just the way I am, a gay man.”

~Bill Hahn


“Long Island Community Fellowship, is a Church where I can Freely Worship, Praise, Glorify and Honor Jesus Christ just the way God created me to be, without feeling an outcast while being Spiritually fed on the Word of God. LICF, It is more than a Church, it is Home to me as I look forward to each and every Sunday for fellowship with my Church Family in Christ Jesus AMEN.”

~Aneta Fraser


“I finally found a church where I’m welcome, just as I am. The people here have become my extended family. I am challenged now, to bring the best worship music to our services.”

~Joe Fiore Jr.


“The first time I walked into LICF I knew I was home! I felt peace and love which is what I had been looking for in a church. I am so happy here. If I had to describe LICF in one word it would be Home“.

Peace and Love

~Gigi Marroquin


“Long Island Community Fellowship Church prides itself on welcoming everyone no matter race, gender or sexual orientation. As a mother of a child with autism this welcoming nature goes beyond tolerance and acceptance. LICF Church embraced us both as family.

As a member of their family, they consider my son’s strengths and interests to figure out how he can best participate in the service. If my son has a difficult day I know that I have a congregation of family members there to help and support me instead of looking upon me with disapproving eyes as in other venues. This love and support that we feel every Sunday is inspirational and uplifting. It renews my faith in God along with my belief that there are good and caring people in this world.”

~Dawnie Wainwright


“I had resigned myself to the fact that church just wasn’t for me. All I ever heard from church was that I was an abomination and not worthy of God’s love, then I found LICF and my life was transformed. It was there I heard for the first time from the pulpit that God loves me just as I am for he created me and God does NOT make mistakes! I have found my Spiritual home where I am never judged and am always welcomed.”

~Eva Sanchez

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