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Ramona Atiles

Ramona Atiles

Oct 18
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I was first introduced to LICF through their Sports Ministry. After being away from Long Island for several years, and not knowing where to meet other LGBT people, I started asking around about where could I find a softball team. That was when I learned about the LICF Angels. I made a phone call and was quickly invited to play on their team. I heard some of the players speaking of LICF and was invited to worship and fellowship with them.

I went to my first sunday service about 3 years ago, and have been attending services regularly since. When I walked into the sanctuary I felt what they meant by “family”. What a welcoming environment, I have never felt like I was home in a religious setting before. I have since become a member and found that my life Is changing and I am now on one of the best journey of my life. My faith walk.


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